Fluid Automation Pump

Designed to pump from either 55 gallon or 5 gallon containers, the machine will accurately meter the most viscous resins, maintaining 100:100 ratio within 1%.

Microprocessor controls and linear encoders on each pump drive motor allow adjustment of ratio in 1% increments to 100:50. Variability permits custom blending of materials, adjusting for pump slippage or adjusting for unbalance material shipments.

The control panel also includes a message center used to display ratio setting, fault messages and other set points.

Powerful dual 6" bore drum rams easily prime the thickest materials. Changing drums is made easier by use of a selector switch to allow independent A & B pump operation. Metered output pressure is adjustable to 4000 PSI, making it possible to feed multiple injection presses and/or feed long piping runs.