Our engineering staff will assist you from prototype to production utilizing a variety of software applications to provide design concepts, parts and tools. Unigraphics, ProE, MasterCam, Tek-Soft and AutoCad. Whether you give us a print, part or an existing design problem, we will walk you through the developmental steps to a finished rubber part that meets your specifications.

Rapid prototypes and a quick quote process allow us to respond to project requests on programs from small volume to very large volume silicone molding and plastic injection molding. All jobs quoted within 48 hours. Prototypes can be provided within two weeks or less.

Our team of highly skilled mechanical, chemical and robotics engineers are ready to take on any challenge you may be facing.


Full mold design * Computer aided mold flow analysis * Secondary operation equipment design * Component functional testing protocol * Injection and pumping equipment optimization


Raw material evaluation and selection * Process optimization * Material properties analysis


Automation design * Injection molding machine interfacing * Product flow optimization